En Route Helpdesk

The En Route Helpdesk is a fast-track way to get your problems out to us, and for us to get a solution out to you.

It is our very own in-house helpdesk system. It provides a convenient way of alerting the team here of any I.T. issues that are occurring at your workplace, while also providing a means of comprehensively recording and reporting call histories and solutions pertaining to your organisation. It’s just another one of the ways that En Route is making life easier for you and your company. The way it works is simple:

  1. Log on to our helpdesk.
  2. Post a description of the problem.
  3. Hit SUBMIT!

And that’s it! An En Route engineer will respond to your post via telephone, email, or by which ever way is fastest, ensuring that you receive a solution in the fastest time possible.

For more information on how to obtain a login, or on how our helpdesk will improve your organisation’s I.T., please feel free to contact us here at En Route.