Business Benefits

With expertise across the entire spectrum of specialist business technologies, En Route Solutions offers IT Support Services to maintain your systems at peak performance levels over the long term.
If problems do arise, we will manage them to minimize the disruption to your organization. With En Route’s own Disaster Recovery solutions your downtime is always at a minimum.

How your business can benefit
En Route Solutions Support Services keeps you in control of your IT investment:
Systematic maintenance.
Identifies potential problems and allows the accurate monitoring of your systems
Avoid organizational downtime.
We proactively identify and rectify IT problems before they impact on your business. We maintain continuity by keeping your systems free from viruses (an ever changing and constant threat) and monitoring your systems’ back ups to prevent the loss of irreplaceable data
Fast and dependable response.
Providing peace of mind that if anything does go wrong, it will be attended to with care and efficiency
Comprehensive reporting.
This keeps you informed by documenting what maintenance has been done and alerting you when capacity thresholds are reached
Cost effective solutions.
We will reduce your overall IT support costs by making your systems more predictable, reliable and stable