Cost Benefits

From our experience we have found that if you are already using an external support company that we can offer savings and more often than not a superior and more comprehensive service for your IT support needs, and if you are currently using internal IT support resources we can show a better service and significantly lower costs and without the need for holiday cover etc.


For a company of around 60 staff and 5 or 6 servers would expect the following costs, this may vary with individual setup and needs.

Internal IT Support Support Yearly Costs
Helpdesk Engineer £30,000.00
IT Manager/Senior engineer £45,000.00
National Insurance for the above staff £8,250.00
Holidays (based on 4 weeks each) £22,000.00
Sick Leave (based on 5 days each) £5,500.00
Training costs and Leave (based on 5 days each and 2000 training budget) £7,500.00
Lease of laptops for two staff members £833.33
HR cost and office space costs £8,325.00
Use of external IT Contractors to assist with 3rd level support issues (based on 12 days per year) £7,800.00
Smart Support Costs Monthly Yearly
Smart Support £4,210.00 £50,520.00
Approximate Savings on total costs £84,688.33
Approximate Savings on Salaries alone £32,730.00



As you can see when you take into account all the additional costs we are able to provide a complete service for a fraction of the cost of internal staff, and usually and a more competitive price for a more complete service than other outsourcing.