Backed by a team of highly qualified engineers, networks are our specialty. We get your networks connected, make sure they stay connected, and ensure that they are working at its optimum best.

Everything from connecting your computers in the local office, to full wireless implementations, secure wide area networks, and VPN links to your international and regional branches. We translate all the technical jargon, simplify it, and implement it into a cohesive and reliable network solution, letting you concentrate on doing YOUR business.

We leverage the resources of major manufacturers in the industry and use the most cost-effective and latest technologies available to deploy your network. This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Fault-redundant router setups.
  2. Managed ultra-fast switches
  3. CISCO technologies for secure networking
  4. Secure firewall setups
  5. Content filtering and dedicated VPN appliances.

For more information on how our network technologies can change your business please to call the team here at En Route Solutions.