Arrange a consultation and we can send an engineer to come out on-site, analyse your existing infrastructure, and then formulate a comprehensive disaster recovery plan for your organization, detailing all the necessary processes, hardware, software and configuration requirements. We have links with the best manufacturers in the disaster recovery industry, and have a range options to suit your organization’s setup and budgets.

On-line backups – peace of mind

A relatively new service now becoming widely available are online backups. The premise is simple.

  1. Manage and maintain your backup data in our highly secure, state-of-the-art network and server infrastructure.
  2. After taking a ‘snapshot’ of your servers, we take this to our off-site storage facility where it is kept, encrypted and fully mirrored in a secure environment.
  3. Once this is performed, subsequent backups are sent to our off-site storage facility over a highly secure encrypted link, only updating new or modified files.
  4. All backup data is available in a convenient on-line interface and can be restored at will.

The advantages are numerous. Data is kept off-site in a highly secure location and is fully mirrored for fault redundancy. We have invested in state-of-the-art network architecture, allowing you to leverage our resources to store your data.

For more information on the range of backup and disaster recovery services that we offer please to contact us here at En Route Solutions