Security is now the number one topic in the I.T. industry. Protecting your information is vital. At En Route we are experts in maintaining your data integrity and securing access to your resources. With solid experience in implementing industry leading solutions, you can rest assured that your resources, stay that way.

We analyze the way your company’s processes and resources are structured, design our policies to reflect this, then integrate expandability into security policy design so that they adapt as your company grows. In addition to this, our links with the major security distributors provides you with availability to the most robust appliances on the market today. With companies such as CISCO and Juniper underpinning our deployments, you can rest assured that your data is kept safe from unauthorized use.

Virus Protection – keeping the bugs away

Infection is a constant threat facing corporations today. With our keen eye on the latest threat alerts, and backed by the most up-to-date virus solutions from Symantec – we kick the viruses out and make sure they stay out. We utilize a centralized virus system. Our System Centre manages the virus protection for every computer in your network from one location – simplifying deployment and administration and giving you complete virus control over your entire network.

For more information on how our virus solutions can keep your company’s data safe, please to contact the team here at En Route for a free consultation.